Prying Eyes

You may have noticed I’m not posting right now. It appears there are some people reading my blog that I was not expecting and it set me off balance for a while. I had to come to grips with the fact that what I put out here lives on forever. And I wasn’t sure I wanted certain parties reading about my life. After some deliberation I came to the conclusion that I really don’t care what they think. I thought I did care, but honestly I don’t. I started to worry about it because it would make me “watch” what I say. But now that I don’t care I’ll get back to blogging and if they don’t like it tough crap.

As part of the process I went through all old posts and made sure I removed names of people and places that would/could be impacted if I left their names in … they didn’t asked to be written about they just were.

At first it felt like a peeping-tom was looking in. It was disturbing to get emails from these people saying they saw me do this or that or saw my wife or kids and gave details. It was creepy. After I took the time to think about it I realized the information they had was all right here.

So .. some posts are gone, some have been edited and most are unchanged.

I’m back. And now I have an axe to grind! 🙂


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