What a slacker am I

I’ve neglected this site. And that’s a bummer. New job role .. nosey people .. busy schedule .. no time.  I’ve not made time to do the things that I should be doing or want to be doing.

For the most part life has been good, yet busy. And considering the current economic conditions we are blessed.

I’ve not weighed in on the bailouts our government is into .. I think they are wrong. I think our government has driven the last nails into America’s coffin. Our current socialist leadership has led us down the rabbithole and we are now screwed. I fear what we are leaving for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to clean up after. I could write volumes on this, and no one would care.  It is what it is … we got what we deserved because no one really cared enough to raise the flag on what happened last November. I tried. I protested. No one cared. No one listened.



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3 responses to “What a slacker am I

  1. Dottie

    Not true, a lot of us that care. Those of us that had to start over in our 50’s, barely hanging on to our homes and loosing our retirement and having to start all over. This is what really sucks. Our kids don’t understand why we are going to retire with hardly any nest egg. However, we are the middle class. All the big banks made their money. Instead of Bush and the president of Pakistan having the CIA in this country to hire Bin Laden to bring down the towers, there should have been more attn. to what the problems of the economy were. Instead of breaking the middle aged, middle class, people in America. And still the rich got richer, didn’t they. The rich republicans will sit like 3 year olds and throw temper tantums instead of working with the democrats. Did you know that no matter how rich someone is, or ow much they make, that Social security is capped at a certain amount. This means that where my husband and I make 108,000 a year, and a rich republican makes say 1 mil, well we pay the same amount of taxes into Social Securiy! It is capped and then when you even suggest that the highest 2% of wealthiest americans pay according to what they have, all hell breaks loose. We have to pay taxes, and be taxed according to what we make, and we have to do the same on Social Security. However, they can sit here rich and complain that Social Security is running out, yet they have been building assests so they don’t have to be concerned about it anyway. AND they will still draw off of Social security no matter how rich they are. They will still take from some poor elderly persons mouth and not care. Sit and pout like a 3 year old spoiled brat, trying to get their way. There isn’t any humanity in this county anymore. We are and will continue to become more like a 3rd world country because our Saddam and Bin Ladins are our dictators. The selfish rich in America!!!!

    • Dottie,
      Not sure what you do for a living, but with $108K between you and your husband you are living better than more than 1/2 our country. In the eyes of those who make less that you you are rich. How would you feel if the government said “Dottie, since you and your husband have a combined income of more than the national average of $46K we are going to raise your taxes and take everything you make over the national average and use it to take care of those less willing to work to better their lives.

      Our tax system is messed up. Our businesses pay the highest taxes on the planet .. we are not encouraging businesses to stay here nor to start up here. It’s the people who have money that are needed to make money. Without their investments we would not have economic growth.

      What would work? Stop all national income tax on employees. Businesses pay a flat tax of %15 percent. Institute a national sales tax of 10%. No exemptions on the national sales tax. States and counties would add to that with their percentages as well.

      As an example someone making $100K living in the state of Ohio is paying close to 40% of his income in taxes to the feds, the state, the county and perhaps city. If there were no income tax and you only paid taxes when you consumed you would keep more of your money. Even if you pay 10% to the fed, 10% to the state and 5% to your county and 5% to your city you still save 10% of your income!!

      There should be no “entitlement programs” either. Our government was created with a very specific charter.
      1.Protect the 50 states and the people of the united states from invasion.
      2. Regulate interstate commerce.
      3. Handle foreign relations and help solve disputes between the states.
      4. Defend the constitution against all foreign and DOMESTIC enemies.

      Beyond that it’s what we have granted them to do .. We the people .. have made the mess. Now we the people need to clean it up.

      Social security was never meant to be an entitlement program. It was meant to create savings for people as they entered retirement. Instead there are people claiming “benefits” from SS that should not get a dime! Example: Man and woman get married both are 19. Both have worked since 16 and paid into SS. They have 2 kids. Dad dies at age 25, mom stopped working to raise kids. Mom receives a death benefit for the husband. Children who receive benefits from a plan they did not pay into until they are 18 years old. Mom gets the benefit forever. More is paid out to her and the 2 kids than either one paid into the system .. is that right? Is that fair? Capping what people pay in was designed to prevent taking more than they the government would be able to pay back in benefits. Some one is always going to complain that the system isnt fair. It’s the haves vs the havenots. Honestly, if you didn’t work when this country was founded you starved. You were responsible for your family if you were the husband. You worked until you saved enough to retire. It wasn’t until unions came along and demanded redistribution of wealth. Unions have been the undoing of this country. And as long as they have a huge ear in the White House and an agenda to dismantle everything that makes this country great we are destined to fall to third world status.

      • Darlene Jones

        I hear you! Never thought of it that way. But…peep this: I started working at 15, bcuz I had a baby. I also continued school at same time. NEVER took food stamps OR welfare, bcuz I wanted to show my son how to work & take care of himself, bcuz I also found out, Mama MA have, Papa may have, but GOD BLESS THE CHILD WHO HAS HIS OWN! I worked 2 & 3 jobs ALL MY LIFE, till I was 40. I was FULLY VESTED in SocSec by the time I was 25. At 44, while working ONE job, and going to college, I was SHOT 5 TIMES IN A ROBBERY ATTEMPT, at close blank range, with a .357. I’m BLESSED! To look at me you’d NEVA kno that happened, but a bullet went under my left arm & severed the nerves there. The damage caused me not to be able to work anymore bcuz I was the assistant to the Director of the Hi it’s program, at the University I attended. When I applied for SocSec, they explained to me that bcuz of my age, they had a “currently” VESTED & “lifetime” vestment. The current one took into account the work of your last 10yrs…I was missing THREE MONTHS outta 10yrs, according to them. I was NOT ELIGIBLE to receive MY OWN SOCSEC!!! Instead, I was granted SSI, which means SupplementalSecurityIncome, which was less than HALF of what I was supposed to get! SUPPLEMENTAL TO WHAT!? I had NO INCOME! Guess who had to, for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, get food stamps, & REALLY supplement my income in not so good ways? This happened in 1994…then, I received $396 mo…I STILL am not eligible for my SS…I now get $1,057 mo as widow’s pension, that i was able to get at 52, when I realized that even tho my husband & I had been together less than 3 yrs, we never divorced & he DIED! It was longer than 10 yrs on paper, so I got it. How’s that for fucked up! Your DAMNED if u DO, & FANNED if u DONT!

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