I’ve been silent for too long …

I’ve been avoiding blogging for a while … there were people reading my blog that I didn’t want reading it. And it bothered me. Then I thought long and hard about this invasion of privacy. It really isn’t an invasion of privacy because this is a public forum and anyone can read it and anyone can search out what is written here using Google. I wrote this stuff to be read.

With that in mind I’m back. I’ve kept quiet for too long about the way things are going in the obamanation and I need to speak up.

I’m feeling threatened by what our government is cramming down our throats. I’m hear to speak up and to be heard.



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9 responses to “I’ve been silent for too long …

  1. Dottie

    You “obamanation ” is a matter of opinion, I do hope you realize that! We were better off way before Bush, and he is the Abomination of our nation. Be informed and really understand the facts. You can Start by watching a couple of fact base documenteries, “Loose Change, 9/11”, and “Martial Law, 9/11”. If I were not a already a govt. worker and if I hadn’t worked at the National Archives and Federal Records Admin., I probably wouldn’t have understood what was being said in the Martial Law documentary. However, this is where the history is stored and it is undisputable at the National Archives and federal records admin. So You need to go way back to Reganonmics to understand exactly where America went wrong. After much research and after seeing the facts I know what I believe and I think we are probably doomed. Bush, the president of Pakistan and Bin Laden perpetrated this on our country. I do believe these are the facts and it isn’t over yet. Unfortunely, Obama is stuck with excepting the challenge to clean up someone elses mess. Yes Unfortunely and we will probably pay again. Nothing we can do but be at peace with the fact that we will get to see all those who passed before us when this happens. Thanks for having a blog. Hope you will watch the suggested documentaies and form your own opinion based on the facts. Although there are very boring spots in some of these documentaries, there are pertinent points that are there, so instead of blogging about current events, please look at what got us to these current events, caused by greedy leaders of our country way before the president at hand.

  2. Dottie

    I guess my question to our govt. would be, What is the magical number that allows us the right to be born, eat food worth eating, and receive health care equal to that of the rich? At what point is it okay for us to even exist on earth and in America with dignity and compassion without having to beg for crumbs when you get old, or are sick and/or disabled. Maybe they should just do it like Hitler did and let the rich survive and take all the rest of us and put us in concentration camps and kill us!!! (That is sarcasim, in case you didn’t recognize it!) Would that make the republicans happy??? Inevitably, that will be the end result anyway A lot of people are doing without and will die homeless and sick. The rich-They control the gas prices, and if you work at a min. wage job and are trying to support a family, lets say you spend 5.00 a gal for fuel to get to work, a 20 mile comute. You make 6.50 or 7.00 on hour. How do you pay for the bare necessities and eat and take care of your childrens health???? Just asking because the big oil companys don’t care. They would just as soon line their own pockets and kill off a lot of less fortuneate people. If people need assistance, the republicans call it “entitlements”. So I guess trying to work, pay for utilities and clothing and food and med. is an entitlement and not a need in this country. Who do the poor think they are to think they would be “entitled” to do any of the above at the same time like the rich.(Again Sarcasim, but my opinion on this countrys rich) No the poor have to make a choice. The poor don’t have a CHOICE they have an EXISTANCE. Nothing more and nothing less. Then you can go look in the mirror and tell yourself that it is okay for the less fortunate to do without. Not your problem, right? Well, I personally don’t have much, but I give and help when I can and how I can. I CAN look at myself in the mirror and if I could change this countrys values single handed I would. But I can’t, and if I die tomorrow, i go with a clear conscience. Can everyone else look in the mirror and say the same??? Just saying………….

    • Dottie,
      I can see you are leaning left. And that’s ok. The nice thing about our country, or at least what is left of it after the progressives (both parties are to blame) have had their way for 30 or 40 years, is that if you want to better your station in life you have the opportunity to get an education (K-12 is for free .. well kinda, our progressively higher and higher taxes [based on your earnings] are paying for it). We all have a choice. If you CHOOSE to work a minimum wage job then you need to adjust accordingly, find a place close enough to work to ride a bicycle or walk. If you CHOOSE to live further away from where you work take advantage of the public transportation systems. You are empowered and in charge of your life. People need to realize that we are the greatest nation on earth because if you choose to work for something you can achieve it. Expecting “FREE” healthcare or other entitlements is insane. It is not a RIGHT, it is a privilege. You go to school, you get a job that has benefits and pays according to your skills. You can choose to be what you want. You can go as far as you want.

      • Dottie

        Well, I did all of the above, and my husband worked 25 years to build our dream. I am now disabled, through no fault of my own! Just so you know, not everyone was born with silver spoon in their mouths and parents that care. Some of us had to work extremely hard and had everything kicked out from under us. When you are almost 60 then you will understand. I don’t think we should have Free health care. But I do believe in people helping those that can’t. Even though life has threw us some blows and even though our retirement and my husbands job went out the windoew after 9/11 and the fall of our economy, we still strive to live. Do you really believe that it is an entitlement for a child with cancer to receive healthcare. Do you have children. Imagine this sceniro, You suddenly no longer have the source of income in your life, Your rich employer just closes the door, without warning! Then you are told you have to start over in this economy and with no retirement because the old boss took that with him. Now, you are back to the life of a 18 year old just starting out in the world, but you are in your late 50’s with a disabled wife!!! My husband is a very honest and respectable man, worked at the the same job all of his adult life and for your information I did further my education and was doing well in my field. So what happens when life throws you a curve? I get gravely ill and at the same time My husband has to start all over, Different company, different insurance, and just holding on to our home is a struggle. Because some corporate owner decided to pull out and leave us high and dry. I have news for you, and you will understand someday and hope you remember my blog when you are old, this is what America has came to. Sick children and old people such as myself that have become ill or disabled through no fault of our own being dictated as to how much medical help we can get according to our INCOME! So do you think we should just say, don’t give that child med. care, they aren’t worthy because they have the misfortune of being born poor. Or don’t give that disabled person help because the economy took a hit and they lost everything. Do you think we should just roll over and die? Be careful what you say here, because you don’t know what will happen in your future. You may be doing wonderful now, but …….. You know I am obviously talking to an idiot that hasn’t ever had to sacrafice for a child, or do without and has no idea what it is like to choose to eat or take care of a sick child or elderly parent. I am obviously speaking out of your realm so I won’t bore you with my opinion any longer, just like you, that is all it is and your opinion could be subject to change as you go through life and become old, or unemployeed or sick, all which through no fault of your own may become your every day life.
        An added note. If I were young again, and if I were healthy enough, I would be going back to school, trying to have a better life. But I would do so in a manner that I still helped anyone who needed it. I would share what I have, because I have enough sense to know that its not just my world and I am living in it, Its everyones world! We all live in it and that alone makes me responsible to help my fellow man. I don’t really like to hear people generalize that anyone who has to have free health care is somehow taking from the rich. If someone is sick, they are just sick!!! Illness has no boundries! So you keep on believing that someone that got sick and had suffered losses doesn’t deserve the same health care you receive. I will pray for you, because if there is one thing I have learned in life. The old saying of “Don’t judge a man unless you walk a mile in his shoes is correct”. You don’t know what people go through and even though there are a select few that do try to manipulate the system and are Cons, the majority of needy people are just that what they portrait theirselfs to be- PEOPLE IN NEED OF HELP!. You don’t seem to know anyone like that and maybe you will have your head up your a…. for the rest of your life.. . Me, I am in Missouri and I agree with our new law. To receive assistance, these young people have to pass a drug and alchol scan. This should be in all 50 states. That is a beginning with the “users and takers”, and it leaves the help open for the people that need it. In the mean time, you can just think about what life would be like if you suddenly became so gravely ill that you couldn’t work anymore and if you lost your job and had to make a choice between paying a doctor to live or eating to live. You sound to me to be nothing more then a child that has never had to make such drastic choices, and I hope you never do. But there is a whole world of people in America, in there 50’s and 60’s that were wiped out by Bushes antics. You really should take a look at the movie I suggested, “Loose Change 9/11. An American Coup”, and be just a little more informed before you judge all of the Americans that are struggleing to just exist. Maybe you will then understand!!!

  3. Dottie

    OMG, I just read your little story about the lady in Walmart. This gave me a clearer understanding of the type of mentallity I was dealing with so this will be my last comment to you before I tottally diregard you blogs. Where do people like you get the idea that you even have the right or responsibility to JUDGE a person in Walmart or the contents of their “Basket”????? First off you don’t know that womans situtation and if you were so interested and intrigued, it shows how judgemental you are. I feel sorry for you to have been raised believing that this is your business or responsibility to condemn someone for bying thongs, at Walmart no less. Just the fact that she was attempting to purchase underware at Walmart tells me that she is person of little means. Secondly, you don’t know for sure why she couldn’t get her check to go through!!! And what about judging her weight??? Wow, I never knew there were such shallow people in the world in this day and age! How do you know that someone never attempted to steal her identity, or maybe her husband had made a purchase at the same time that she wasn’t aware of. You just don’t know the situation. You are making assumptions, and you know what they say about the work ASSUME. No you immediately make the assumption that she was trying to pass a bad check or had written one. Also, maybe she continued to try to get the trasaction to complete out of humiliation and embarrasment over this nosey, judgmental, young man standing behind her in line( thinking of a blog he could put on line about it.) How insensitive can you get. FYI, here is A little about us that you should realize-we are White, past middle aged, and own our home we lived here for 21 years, we have excellent credit still-but struggle on a daily basis. Seeing how judgmental you are I thought I would add a little about us. So when you read my other blogs you will have a clear understanding, We are not oportunistic and therefore don’t feel everyone in the world is. If someone is in need of help, we will help them. We are still fortuneate enough to understand that poor doesn’t mean everyone is a low life. man it must suck being you!! You decided we are “to the left”! We are just informed and realize what some younger person, such as yourself, probably doesn’t yet, and that is that life isn’t all about you. Has it occured to you that if someone is shopping for items such as this at Walmart that having someone inject their opinions in their lifes on a blog on the internet is rather rude and insensitve! On another one of your blogs you wrote about the privacy issues of people reading and commenting on your blog. Well, maybe you should take some responsibility there also. Stop and think before you post! Pretty simple thing to do. I am an opinionated person also, but I don’t think it would be appropriate to post something like a poor persons struggles to make a purchase at Walmart. Guess that speaks a lot about your caracter! You could have, or should have, moved on and minded your own business if the wait was a problem. Last time I was in Walmart there were many lines, including self check out! Next time I am sitting in my wheel chair I will be sure to look over my shoulder now when I am in line at Walmart or any other store to see if someone like you is behind me and I will be the one to move on, just so my personal moves and personal items aren’t put out there for everyone on the web to read about. You need to pay more attention to the important things in life and leaves peoples personal life and transactions alone. I bet you are one of those type of people that sits in eating establishments and childishly makes fun of everyone that walks in the door instead of just being a friendly person. Those who sit in judgment of others will someday be judged. Just remember that young man. And for now, as for reading that little tid bit about Walmart, I am leaving your blog, as I had orriginally thought maybe you were someone that could be enlightened about our world. You are obviously to immature to cope with that when you are judgeing women in Walmart. Maybe I will write a book about the man who blogs about women in Walmart!!! If you are part of the problem, you can’t be part of the solution! So try making yourself part of the solution and not part of the problem. Thanks and goodbye.

  4. You know what I like about having MY blog .. it’s mine and I can write what’s on my mind. The best part and the thing that brings me the most joy is reading replies from people morons like you.

    Have you nothing better to do? You apparently do not. And you must not be very bright either as you do not know how to comment on blog entries. All of your comments keep landing on this same post.

    I truly feel sorry for you.

    Why are you so nosy and reading my posts? Have you nothing better to do? Seriously? Honestly I can care less what you think.

    You are pathetic … sad … mislead and lost.

    • Dottie

      And so now you should understand how the lady in Walmart felt like when you went on line and judged her!!! Right?

      • uhhhh ..

        No. I don’t. And this conversation tells me you were probably that woman in Walmart. I bet you even look like the person in the picture.

  5. Imagine this …

    There was no government. As a matter of fact it’s just you, your husband your kids and extended family. No one else. No hospitals. No employers. Its just you and your family living off the land. Who will help you?

    I’m a firm believer that Americans have been sold a bill of goods. Advertisers have us believing that you have to live a certain lifestyle to be considered successful. And it’s all a sham based on a fiat money system designed to keep you down unless you learn to live outside of it.

    I’m in no way discounting your situation. It’s sad.

    I’m in the same boat as everyone else. I have a mortgage. I have medical bills. I have credit card bills. We are 2 paychecks away from having to really worry. But I’m changing. We cut out all the things that aren’t necessary. Do i need 250 channels of TV? no. Do I need 5 cell phones with internet access on them? no. Do I need a brand new car? no. Do I need the house I’m in? Would a smaller one work? Why should my money .. my taxes go to help you? Seriously?

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