My imagination ..

There are some things that I should not be allowed to see. I have an imagination and can take things a little too far and can scare myself.

Example: Last weekend I had the chance to go Christmas “errand running” with my wife for 8 hours. If you ask me errand running does not take 8 hours. But in her book it was errand running. I guess men in general don’t have the same shopping stamina that women have. While “errand running” I had the chance to socialize with other men who were also duped into “errand running”. Some had it worse than I had, they had been at it since breakfast. Their wives had conned them into going out for breakfast and “running a few errands”. At least my trip didn’t begin until noon.

While socializing with the other men I happened to notice that the comfy chairs and benches offered a view of the mall’s Victoria’s Secret store. And while talking with the other men I had noticed some of the women coming and going from the store. There were all types of women. The older women kinda caught me by surprise. I’m talking 60’s or perhaps early 70’s … There were tall ones and short ones. Pretty ones and not so pretty ones. There were skinny ones and not so skinny ones. And there were several “just right” ones. And they all came out with different size bags. Some with small bags. Some medium bags and a couple large ones (they must have bought bathrobes or pajamas). The large bags were very rare. I then wondered if they didn’t have a robe in the bag or pajamas they must have been rich. Have you seen the prices of the stuff in the store? $50 for a bra!? To fill up one of those large bags with $50 bras and $10 panties (I’m glad I can go to Wal-Mart and buy a 6 pack of tagless Hanes briefs for $10) it had to be $500 or $600. So I’m thinking bathrobe or pajamas.

You see, this is where I get myself in trouble with my imagination. You can infer many things from the size of the bag and how it hangs in one’s hands and know if there is any weight to the contents or not. A lighter bag will not look fully unfolded. A bag with some weight to it will unfold more. If the bag has weight to it, it swings differently when carried. If it’s really light it flops and twists more. I’m not just talking from Victoria’s Secret, I’m talking from any store. I’m sure you bought just a card and had it put into a bag and carried it from the store. You know how that looks and feels. I’m sure you have gone to Wal-Mart and bought something like a deodorant stick or perhaps a bottle of perfume and had it put into the same size bag and it behaved entirely different when carried than the bag with the card, right?

Then I saw that which scares me the most, the fat women (I’m not talking slightly over weight or pleasantly plump here .. I’m talking huge) that came out with the little bags that reacted like they had little to no weight in them. And this is the part that gets me in trouble, in my mind I was telling myself “she went in for the perfume .. she went in for the perfume or a gift card” but it wasn’t working. I kept getting an image in my mind of the scene in Jack Black’s movie “Shallow Hal” where he’s in bed and a huge pair of thong panties come flying at him. And all I could do is cringe at the mental image I had in my head.

I wish there was a way to wash my mind out with soap …

And about that time wife showed up .. with a small, light bag from Victoria’s Secret and again my imagination kicked in … but I’m not allowed to look until Christmas! 🙂 I guess it pays to “errand run”.


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Prying Eyes

You may have noticed I’m not posting right now. It appears there are some people reading my blog that I was not expecting and it set me off balance for a while. I had to come to grips with the fact that what I put out here lives on forever. And I wasn’t sure I wanted certain parties reading about my life. After some deliberation I came to the conclusion that I really don’t care what they think. I thought I did care, but honestly I don’t. I started to worry about it because it would make me “watch” what I say. But now that I don’t care I’ll get back to blogging and if they don’t like it tough crap.

As part of the process I went through all old posts and made sure I removed names of people and places that would/could be impacted if I left their names in … they didn’t asked to be written about they just were.

At first it felt like a peeping-tom was looking in. It was disturbing to get emails from these people saying they saw me do this or that or saw my wife or kids and gave details. It was creepy. After I took the time to think about it I realized the information they had was all right here.

So .. some posts are gone, some have been edited and most are unchanged.

I’m back. And now I have an axe to grind! 🙂

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Boring …

I’ve not had much to say lately. Gold is not very interesting right now. It’s doing what is expected. $742 is not much to write about. It’s rather confusing. Based on what stocks, oil, demand and the the value of the dollar we should be seeing gold hanging around $925. I think the NGM are working to keep it low. But there is a high demand right now. There are waiting lists at some trading sites. Silver is sitting low as well. $10.15 is a great buy! And there is almost a 2 week wait for silver products. I have to keep recommending silver over gold right now. Eventually there will be a point when gold is the better buy but not for a while.

According to Senator Biden, who was speaking at a fundraiser in Seattle on Sunday (Oct 19th) night, said: “Mark my words, it will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here … we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”  Hmmmmm ….. wonder what it will be? Perhaps the other economic shoe will drop. It’s a rather ominous forecast coming from Obama’s running mate …

I know it’s old news but I still find it entertaining .. who do you think won the debates? McCain or Obama? Some say the results were mixed. And I’m puzzled by that. They said the same thing during each of the debates. Almost word for word. Don’t believe me? Go here and listen carefully.

I ran across an interesting site over the weekend. It’s a site that goes over the predictions of George Washington (yes our first president) for our country. The site offers the predictions but no insight on them. I don’t even want to discuss the content of the rest of their site. It’s great fodder for conspiracy theorists. 🙂

Soccer is done. Basketball is starting. D2 made the team.

I’ve been thinking of getting an iPhone. It’s the coolest geeky toy!! Way geekier than having your own webserver and email server and a 10M DSL connection. I think the only thing geekier would be a DeLorean with a real Flux-capacitor, the Mr. Fusion and hover conversion upgrades. I pared back the current cell services to the bare minimum along with dropping the cable modem and the Setanta Sports channels. Saves me almost $110 a month so I can get the iPhone with it’s voice and data plan at $62+tax per month.

Yeah .. I know .. boring update. I guess I’m just focused on Wednesday. It’s my Friday this week. I am taking a 1/2 day vacation on Wednesday, all day Thursday and Friday. Wife and I are taking off Wednesday after she gets off from work. We are headed south for our anniversary. We’ll be back on Sunday. For the last 12 years we have gone away for our anniversary. At first to try and make things better, but now it’s a needed break from the rat-race. Kids are old enough that staying with grandma and grandpa isn’t an issue. Especially with D1 getting her driver license and having her own car. Nothing special mind you, just a 1992 Honda Civic DX hatchback. It has 225K miles on it and runs really well! It gets close to 32mpg! At least that’s what we’ve been logging in her milage book. If you are in Gatlinburg this weekend look for the really tall guy with a beard and Dayton Dragons’ ball cap (or a leather hat if it’s raining) and say hi!


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Take pride in your choices America

And remember how you feel today. Because 4 years from now you will be just as unhappy as you were BEFORE the election. To be honest this is being written before the elections take place. I have it set to be published 8am eastern time.It does not matter who we put in the White House anymore. The President is a puppet who has to follow the agenda laid out before him. If he fails to do so it will be costly. For everyone involved, you, me, your neighbors, the nation our leaders and their families.

If you you really think your vote last night made a difference please raise your hand … ahh … I hope all of you really wanted change and voted for someone other than a democrap or rethuglican. Yeah I cannot stand either party. Not a single one from either party will get a vote from me this election. I will go out of my way to make sure I am not the reason things go to hell in a hand-basket. And if you think the maverick or changer will make a difference you are wrong. Things are controlled too closely for there to be REAL change. The people who could have made real change happen were discounted and out long before November 4th.

All I ask is that we, as a nation, hold our elected officials’ feet to the fire and ask, no demand, that they live up to their promises. But as I see it no matter who is in office,*they* will bow down to the powers that be and extend the eight years of the Bush administration’s malfeasance. Please do not think your job is done just because a democrap is in the White House or democraps control congress. If we elect a rethuglican we have to work even harder on making sure he makes the changes he’s promised. We need the shake up ….

Whoever my president is tomorrow will receive my prayers that he will act in accordence with God’s will and will seek Godly advice before making any decision. We are supposed to, as Christians, pray for our leaders. And that is what I will do … but I can help but to root for


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Tricked instead of Treated

Every year I am the one who “gets” to stay home and pass out candy to all the little (and big) tricksters and treaters. And for the first time I felt a bit annoyed ….

Trick or Treat (or Beggars Nite – what ever you call it) is about the kids getting to dress up in costume, run from house to house and gather up as much candy as they can. Next to Christmas it’s probably the only “Holiday” that is really for the kids. By “kids” I’m talking about kids who can walk and talk and don’t have to shave or are old enough to take birth control pills. I can see stretching it out to a sixteen year old but beyond that forget it. And what’s with this trend of infants .. kids with maybe one or two teeth .. being pushed in strollers or pulled in wagons and having their parents say “trick or treat”. What kind of crap is that. These people come in droves and carloads. This year I refused to give infants candy. I told the parents when their kid could say “trick or treat” I’ll give them candy.

Trick or Treat

Since I’ve already started on this rant I want to know this – if both mom and dad are walking around with the kids, who the heck is home passing out candy? Did they hire someone to do it? I doubt it. I know what some of them make. I doubt they filled up a bowl with a sign saying “Take one please!”  It really pisses me off when I see these “families” out. Personally I think it’s time to “redistribute” the wealth …. go ahead and click the picture. It’s good! Maybe I’m being selfish on my part. I want my kids to have the same chance that their kids have to get candy. Think about it, if EVERYONE went out with their kids to Trick-or-Treat that would leave no one home to pass out candy. Is that fair? Sure it’s fair! The NGM will step in and bail out Halloween! We can get our own NGM to hand out .. er redistribute the candy based on need and ability to “pay”.

The topper for the evening was when my brother-in-law showed up at my house with his wife and kids and they did the trick-or-treat thing. I know there was no one passing outt candy at his house. Well OK .. maybe their dog Sammie was.

Look, I spent $45 in candy. And gave it all away. I know there were several “families” out that spent nothing. And I know who they are. And it bothers me they do that. It’s just not fair gosh darn it. The other thing that ticked me off is the woman who lives across the street did not pass out candy. She was home. I saw her look out the window several time. I understand it’s optional to pass out candy. No one is making me do it. When her 13 year old son stopped by and said “Trick or Treat” I made to to tell him “Tell you mom I said hi!”.

So for whatever reason I’m a little miffed by this year’s Beggar’s Nite. Maybe next year I’ll feel differently.

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How much more …

of this politico nonsense are we going to be subjected to?

is this gonna cost me?

is AIG going to need?

will either candidate screw me, Joe Blogger, over in the next four years?

dumberer will the American voter become?

will my 401K decline?

will gasoline drop?

will gold and silver rise?

can we take before they break our backs?

….. how much more ….

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Soccer Tournaments

Last Sunday (10/19) was our last regular game of the season. Our record for the season was good enough to go to the tournaments. Our first tournament game was this past Saturday. It was unfortunate that only 9 girls could play. It sucked for the team because we were short 4 players and we got beat really bad. I stopped keeping score after the 3rd quarter.

I had to attend a meeting about the tournaments a week before they took place. The league said that we need to keep in mind that this tournament is for the kids and we need to focus on that. Yet when I asked them to change my time slot because I had girls that could not make it I was told “we are not making changes for anyone for any reason”. So much about making it good for all the kids. I have 4 girls on my team who play on a traveling team. Those girls did not show for our game because it conflicted with their last seasonal game. The thing with the traveling team (yeah I might be just a little bitter) is once their season ends that’s it. We had a chance to win a game or 3 in the tournament if we would have had all the girls show up. OK, I have to admit that I am, in a way, relieved that we are done for the season. Last thing I want to do is go to the state finals Thanksgiving weekend. I have a Christmas tree and holiday decorations to put up! Not to mention a ton of Thanksgivings leftovers to eat. 🙂 Geez …

The cool thing is we are done. Our awards banquet is next Monday. Everyone gets a trophy. We get cookies and punch. We get a chance to brag about the team. I also want to put together a pizza party for the team to relax and cut up and enjoy the lack of drama for a night (12/13 yr old girls can be such drama queens). We all get our weekends back until basketball is in full swing. I get my Tuesday and Thursday evenings back as well (no practice).

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