So where are we now?

I stopped blogging in 2009. I’ve read through the time capsule that is this blog and I’m really surprised.  I had said Gold and Silver would hit new peaks … they did.  There were a couple engineered crises that force more hope and change on us.  I’ve been thinking it’s time to capture again the things going on before the biggest election in decades.  Our presidential race … and Obama is off to a wonderful start bashing Romney.  We’ll have to see how all of that plays out.

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I’ve been silent for too long …

I’ve been avoiding blogging for a while … there were people reading my blog that I didn’t want reading it. And it bothered me. Then I thought long and hard about this invasion of privacy. It really isn’t an invasion of privacy because this is a public forum and anyone can read it and anyone can search out what is written here using Google. I wrote this stuff to be read.

With that in mind I’m back. I’ve kept quiet for too long about the way things are going in the obamanation and I need to speak up.

I’m feeling threatened by what our government is cramming down our throats. I’m hear to speak up and to be heard.


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The farmer in the dell …

What does that mean anyway?

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I love my iPhone

I got it last August. It’s my toy. I still have my VZW account as well. My contract for it is up in October. I’m thinking I might cancel my phone with VZW then and just keep the iPhone. I just wish that ATT would bundle the text messages into the plan. It sucks having to pay extra for them.

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What a slacker am I

I’ve neglected this site. And that’s a bummer. New job role .. nosey people .. busy schedule .. no time.  I’ve not made time to do the things that I should be doing or want to be doing.

For the most part life has been good, yet busy. And considering the current economic conditions we are blessed.

I’ve not weighed in on the bailouts our government is into .. I think they are wrong. I think our government has driven the last nails into America’s coffin. Our current socialist leadership has led us down the rabbithole and we are now screwed. I fear what we are leaving for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to clean up after. I could write volumes on this, and no one would care.  It is what it is … we got what we deserved because no one really cared enough to raise the flag on what happened last November. I tried. I protested. No one cared. No one listened.


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Welcome 2009, I look forward to the change you bring

Every year we all go through the motions of setting goals and trying to reach them. Some succeed most fail. Resolutions are a good thing, right? Wrong? Don’t know? Don’t care?

Every year I make a list of ten things I’d like to accomplish in the upcoming year. I usually hit half. The reason I never get to the other half is I forget what they are until December rolls around and I remember the list I made last December. So this year I’ve decided to make a list of 5 things I’d like to accomplish.

  1. Get down to 215 pounds
  2. Read the Bible – all of it
  3. Find a new church to attend, something small & Bible based
  4. Clean my garage (seems like I never get this one done)
  5. Organize my home office

And that’s it! Nothing more.

And of course now we get the change everyone wanted so badly. I don’t think we ever got a clear definition of what the “change” will be. So hold on to what you can …..


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Naughty or Nice?

It’s been a while. But I think I’m back.

I have been thinking about this whole naughty and nice thing since it is Christmas. I’ve been reflecting on this past year and tried to determine where I would land on the Naughty/Nice scale. I have come to the conclusion I am over all nice with an occasional naughty thrown in. 🙂

So where does this whole naughty/nice thing come from? Christianity? Yeah I think so … you know if you are an atheist or pagan and you “celebrate” the Christmas “thing” you are embracing Christian ideologies. The whole naughty/nice thing and getting a reward from St. Nicholas (now commonly referred to a Santa … miss spell it and we get … Satan?) for being good through the year. I think that’s is why Christians are so screwed up. They think getting the “reward” at the end of their life is based on how good they are. It’s not about that at all. It’s about your relationship with God and of course Jesus.

I’m not a Bible scholar. I don’t know much really other than what I read, study and learn from others. And what I’ve learned boils down to this; nothing I physically do will get me into heaven. No amount of good acts, not living a good life, not helping others. None of it matters. My passage has already been purchased and paid for in full. All I have to do is accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior and have a personal relationship with Him. It’s harder than it sounds. Think about all your friends. You act differently around each of them. Some you might go drinking with. Some you go to ball games with. Some you shop with. You do things differently around each of them. Now imagine Jesus as your friend. Imagine him by your side everywhere you go. You might find yourself trying to duck away. It’s hard to be “nice” all the time! At least it is for me. To be honest it’s only hard because I make it that way. I’m selfish. And being selfish leads to doing what’s “best” for me. And you would think that would be me pursuing a relationship with Jesus. But most of the time it’s what would benefit me now.

So stack it up, I did a bunch of nice things this year. I’ve been pleasant to almost everyone. I’ve made donations. Done charity work. All very nice and good things. But I’ve fallen short in the relations area and that’s where I will be spending my time and efforts this next year.

So what about you? Naughty? Nice?

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